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The key to precision and perfection in the beauty industry, alongside mastering your art is good apparatus.
What we provide at KYNE instruments, is nothing short of perfection. Each instrument is carefully curated from the beginning, keeping the grooming needs of our client in mind.
Following the impeccable standards that we have created for our products, we start by sourcing top-of-the-line raw materials and hiring the most talented and experienced artisans who make your work as a nail technician smoother.

Production Process

At KYNE our production process begins with a careful selection of top-quality stainless steel which is either manufactured in Japan or Pakistan. This steel (insert number) is then transformed into desired products by our talented craftsmen, undergoes heat procedure using the latest technology, and is finally polished.

All of our apparatus is passed through an extensive cleaning process to maintain international standards of hygiene before being packed as per customer’s demand.

Our QA team ensures consistency in quality at every step of production, helping us achieve a high level of satisfaction in the beauty and grooming industry internationally.

Team Kyne

KYNE instruments are one of the top suppliers in the grooming and beauty industry. Our team consists of industry maestros who focus on achieving quality standards that surpass the rest of the industry. We are constantly growing and expanding our team with qualified, creative, and young individuals to keep up with needs of today’s fast-paced beauty needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design and manufacture one-of-a-kind grooming products. We strive to create experiences, all so smooth, comfortable, and daliesque for all beauticians.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance department consists of a highly capable team, who is a keen observer and has an eye for exquisite grooming products. Each product is processed through a vigorous checking process in various stages of production where our QA team analyzes everything carefully, making sure each product reeks of perfection and is up to international standards of quality.

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